Galaxy PVC Raincoat Premium Quality


Premium raincoats often offer additional features and higher quality materials compared to standard raincoats.


A PVC raincoat with premium quality typically offers several features that set it apart from regular raincoats. Here are some key features you can expect from a premium PVC raincoat:

  • Material Quality: A premium PVC raincoat is made from high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is a durable and waterproof material. The PVC used in premium raincoats is often thicker and more resilient than standard raincoats, providing better protection against rain and wind.
  • Waterproofing: Premium PVC raincoats are designed to be fully waterproof, meaning they have excellent water resistance and will keep you dry even in heavy downpours. The seams of a premium raincoat are often heat-sealed or welded to ensure no water can penetrate through the stitching.
  • Breathability: While PVC raincoats are known for their waterproof properties, they can sometimes lack breathability, leading to discomfort due to trapped moisture and heat. Premium PVC raincoats often incorporate breathable materials or ventilation systems to allow airflow, preventing excessive sweating and maintaining comfort during prolonged wear.
  • Design and Fit: Premium PVC raincoats are often crafted with attention to detail, offering a stylish and functional design. They may feature adjustable cuffs, hoods, or waistbands to provide a customized fit and enhance protection against the elements. The cut and shape of the raincoat may also be more tailored and flattering.
  • Durability: Premium PVC raincoats are built to last. They are constructed using high-quality materials and reinforced stitching, making them more resistant to wear and tear. This durability ensures that the raincoat will remain functional and maintain its appearance over an extended period.
  • Additional Features: Depending on the brand and specific model, premium PVC raincoats may include additional features such as multiple pockets for storage, reflective elements for enhanced visibility in low light conditions, and detachable or adjustable hoods for added versatility.

Remember, the exact features and specifications may vary between brands and models. It’s always a good idea to check the product descriptions or consult customer reviews for specific information on a particular PVC raincoat before making a purchase.

Additional information

Weight .480 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 in

Blue, Green, Gray, Chocolet, Violet


M, L, XL


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